A Thought About A Year of Thoughts

Yesterday was my blog-birthday. It’s been a year since I started writing down my thoughts for the world to read. And after a year of consistently following my own life, I consider it one of my most valuable possessions. I believe that Mark and I are in the midst of building something really important that is called a church, but is really much larger than that, and to be able to chronicle these thoughts has been a really incredible experience.

This is a season of our lives where God seems closer than He has ever been. We are more dependent on His direction, His provision, and His mercy than in the previous decade of ministry. We walk daily in the reality that if GOD blesses our endeavors, they will succeed, but if we build this house in our own strength, it will fail. And not to mention that we have no back up plan. We went in with an all or nothing mentality.

This has also been a season of ministry where we are learning so much! Every sermon molds and shapes us. Our team challenges us to be better. Our people keep us on our knees – not out of frustration, but out of a love that includes feeling the pain of bitter circumstances and the joy of success. We are more dependent on God and people than we have ever been.

And then there’s the faith element. Wow. Words cannot put into reality what living in faith will do to you. It’s awesome! It keeps you from being petty and ugly about the details. It keeps you from mediocrity. It keeps you alive.

I find myself blogging in my brain all day long. It forces me to take notice of the lessons that I am learning in everyday things. I also look back over the last year and am able to track the amazing work that God has done. Sometimes it seems that God isn’t really doing anything in our lives, but now, via my computer and an internet connection, I have proof that He has been working overtime to do the impossible.

Thanks to all of you who take a minute or two to read every once in a while. I hope that my journey makes your journey a little brighter.

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