Adjusting to Real Life

Yesterday was quite the reality check for Mark and myself.  We went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, hung out with our kids and breathed a little easier for the first time in two months.  It was refreshing to do the mundane and not have the building project hanging over our heads! 

We look forward with great anticipation to soaking in the holidays and remembering the gift of Jesus this season.  I am so grateful that God’s timing included finishing in plenty of time to celebrate Christmas!  I clearly intend to enjoy every second with my family.  My girls were troopers through this whole project and deserve our full attention for a while!  Delaney has a very giving personality and is as kind as can be.  Kennedy is my cuddler and just wants to give hugs and kisses all day long.  I have every intention of taking her up on that!  They weathered a lot of our crazy schedules and ate on the run one too many times!  It is time for them to get first dibs on our attention!

I hope that you as well spend plenty of time doing nothing but enjoying those around you.  For some, Christmas is a reminder of those lost and for others it marks the hope of a new year.  Whatever it is for you, stop and love those in your life for a while.

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