An Hour to Spare

Yesterday I got an email from one of our Mexico Team members who has an unresolvable passport issue. She probably wasn’t getting on the plane on Friday…yikes!

Long story very short, I needed another person, with a passport and $175, who could go to Mexico with 36 hours notice. Realistically they had to be over 18 because of the signatures required. And with less than an hour to spare, the flight is changed and Alyson, who turned 18 one month ago, will be joining us on a very unexpected adventure to an Orphanage 1000 miles away from here.

I’m pretty practical, but I have to wonder on this one…what does God have in store for Alyson? He knew she was going from the very beginning, but He didn’t bother to fill her in until this morning. Isn’t God so funny sometimes?

I hope our trip is like this the whole way…unexpected and in His hands. It’s the rush of living for a great God who has it all planned out!

Am I sad for the person who can’t go?…Yes. But I’m pretty sure that God has a plan in that one, too!

  1. Donna Hays said:

    Yup Yup!

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