Alaska’s “Problem”

Alaska Airlines sent me their weekly email and their opening sentence is awesome. It says, “We just can’t seem to quit growing.” I’m stealing this as a byline for our church!

We have had a great season of growth fairly consistently for the last several years. It’s been incremental, but very steady. And I love it! I want to always be in a church that is vibrant and growing and excited about being together as a body of Christ.

I cringe a little when I hear people say that growth is hard for them because they liked it the way it was…don’t hear it often at North Creek, but I’ve had plenty of conversations about other churches. I get it, we are creatures of comfort, but when did God call us to comfort? Comfort is boring after a while. Comfort actually makes us complain far more than chaos. Comfort is our immediate friend and our longterm enemy.

Change and growth are a part of God’s plan. His passion for more people is astounding. He wants to BUILD His church, not babysit it. I long to see another day when 3000 people accept Jesus in one afternoon like they did in the Bible. Imagine how much that would mess up all of our systems and plans?!?! Bring it on!

And because of that, I’ll stop when you take the number of people in Vancouver and Portland, subtract the number of people at other Christian churches, and all the rest are a part of North Creek. Why? Because I have a great God that is so amazing to serve and live for.

So, come to the Coffee Church…we just can’t seem to quit growing.

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