And there we stood…

And there we stood. A few dreamers, in an old building, damaged by a fire, surrounded by black walls and the ominous smell of soot. The windows were clouded and the drywall was cut away where the firefighter’s water had soaked into it’s fibers. The air conditioner literally sagged off the wall from the heat it had once endured. The grass outside was overgrown and the weeds thrived from a year of neglect.

We looked around at the possibilities. “This room could be the auditorium, this one for the kids…” Suddenly a dark and dreary place became filled with people in the imagery of our minds. There was worship music and an espresso machine whistling away in the background. Kids were being checked in and others were pouring through the door in anticipation of seeing their friends and enjoying the morning.

“If we add a second campus, it means a lot of change for our people.” “Yes, but it also means MORE people…people who don’t have a church right now and need one.” We talked back and forth in low voices as if our words would cement the change in reality. “Definitely something to think about.”

And so began the journey. Decisions, pros, cons, money, sweat, and probably a few tears. Where will we end up? What will it look like? How many miracles will God have to do in order to get us to the next season of North Creek Church? So many unsettling options, but still the heartbeat behind it all. More people in eternity with Jesus.

We will always be afraid of our own flesh and our own failure, but my prayer is that it is never the driving force behind our decisions. So, Lord, whether an additional campus is the building we stood in today or an entirely different path, we submit all of our fear into your capable hands.

Moving forward…

  1. Ellen F. said:

    All of you are in my nightly prayers for encouragement and direction,God has never failed you. He will also give you peace.

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