Another great email!

My inbox is a fun place to hang out (most of the time!). Thought I would share the wealth in case your inbox is a burden today!

Pastor Mark and Stacy,

I want to thank you so much for accepting [our family] into your church! We absolutly love it there! You make the service so much fun and want to learn more! I get out of the church and as I am pulling away I say, “I can’t wait ’til next Sunday!” We have a blast! And the Kids love their classes as well… The 4 year old askes us everyday if we are going to church. I don’t know what they do in their classes, but it is obviously working! This is the first church that I actually can’t wait until church again! You are awesome!

I was also wondering if you have any classes for adults or something that I can get involved in. As I told you on Sunday, growing up in church was not an option for me, so I don’t know that much about anything, and I am a little tired of being ignorant about this subject! I have this strong urge to go to church and learn. I would love to be baptized! Please write me back when you get a chance!

Oh and thank you for my Starbucks gift card!!! I received it in the mail yesterday and used it this morning.

Man! Could this email get any more encouraging?!? Love what we do!

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