Another Year Begins

I love New Years!  Sometimes I love it because it means a difficult year has passed and sometimes I love it because a wonderful year has ended well.  Either way, a New Year continues to symbolize hope in my life, heart, and spirit.

As we turn the corner to our year, we are excited for the next step of North Creek Church.  2012 proved to be a year with a tremendous learning curve as we began a multisite concept with the merge in Battle Ground.  We feel like our footing is solid, our systems are stabilizing, and our giving is growing.  It is with great excitement and expectancy that we step into this year ready to grow!

Some of the dreams on our heart include finding Hazel Dell a permanent home (or semi-permanent as we are always willing to move wherever God wants us!), growing our Small Group ministry base, creating an on-campus presence for the Battle Ground Youth, adding 30 new volunteers for our two existing campuses, stabilizing and preparing our churches for the addition of more campuses, building on the momentum of Be Present to impact our communities, and of course, continuing to baptize at least a couple dozen people a year!

So, how can you help us move the ball down the field?

1.  Start to give.  If you are already giving, thank you – it makes a difference!  For 2013, we want to encourage non-givers to step out in faith and watch God not only grow our church through faithfulness, but to grow individual lives through obedience.  This includes regular giving to support North Creek as a whole and our Be Present campaign to reach out to the needs in our community and world.

2.  Lead a small group!  If you are interested in facilitating or hosting a small group, we would love to sit down with you and go over the details.  It is a great opportunity to meet new friends and grow together.  Email Amy at for more information.  Also, if you aren’t ready to lead, being a part of a group helps build a healthy community!

3.  Volunteer on Sunday mornings.  We have a great system where we only want you to work one service every month.  You can see all of our serving opportunities at  Right now we need at least one person in every position at each campus in order to have a full schedule.  Sign up today!

4.  Show up to church 15 minutes early and talk to people.  Yep.  That’s all we need!  Most people who visit our church come at least ten minutes early to get kids checked in and acclimate themselves.  It is a great opportunity for the church to be the church!

So much happening right now and so much to look forward to in our future!  Our prayer for you is that you find a place in the body of Christ and thrive.  Here’s to 2013!

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