January 6 Coffee Church Highlights

Welcome back!  After a week off, it was nice to see people back in the actual buildings of this thing called “Church”.  A lot of people came early to chat and drink coffee, so my guess is that they actually missed each other…that might be a good sign!

Another pregnancy to announce…if you want to know who it is, check Matt and Andrea Garner’s facebook pages.  Yep, that’s right, our Hazel Dell Worship Leader and his bride, our HD Kid’s Coordinator, are growing their ministries by one.  SURPRISE!  I’m telling you, that coffee has something in it…

I walked into KidCity yesterday and watched the kids sing for a little bit.  Nothing is cuter than 15 kids doing their best “Air Guitar for Jesus” at the end of their worship songs.  We celebrate when kids are having fun learning about Jesus!  We think that’s true for adults, too.

Matt Bumala and Josiah Thalhofer took the sermons over the weekend!  They are both part of our teaching team and we are BLESSED to have them!  We love bringing up younger preachers and giving them a platform to share their hearts.  We are never disappointed by the quality they bring to the table!

We got two very difficult phone calls last week with some life tragedies within our church.  That’s where the reality of ministry sets in fast.  It is always an honor to rejoice with those who rejoice, but it is equally an honor to mourn with those who mourn.  To be allowed in to the deepest fears and sadness in people’s lives is humbling at best.  We are praying for these situations and trusting God to show up in enormous ways.

We are off and running for a great year at North Creek!  We are nailing out our entire year of sermon series and topics that we will be addressing.  It’s going to be a great year!

Go Seahawks!

I love this quote: “You need to change because your memories exceed your dreams.” – Carey Nieuwhof.  So, what are you holding on to because of what it “once was…”. Let it go!!!!

Who are you praying for?  Make this year one where you are focusing on the spiritual needs of someone around you.

Let’s change the world!



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