April 10 MIRACLE SUNDAY Highlights

YOUR NAME, YOUR NAME IS VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I stood in a field on Friday night looking at what little was left of our church after someone had stolen our mobile trailer with all of our sound, kid’s church, deaf church, coffee supplies and signage, something happened in my heart.  But rather than discouragement, sadness, or frustration, it was resolve.  A resolve to rise up, brush off, and quite frankly kick the hell out of what Satan was trying to do to our lives.

Our strength comes from Jesus.  He’s our source, He’s our provider, and He has every intention of storming the gates of sin and destruction using our feet.  So our feet will push on.

Within literally minutes of getting the phone call that it was all gone, we had a borrowed sound system, video, screens, and computers on the way.  (Thank you, Roy Fisher!!!!)  We spent a whopping $400 on miscellaneous supplies to buy new rugs and a coffee pot…and that was it.  Our people brought nursery toys, grabbed what they could out of storage, offered copious amounts of help in every way, and we had church without missing a beat.

Not a beat.  Not a tear.  Not a moment of despair.  Because we don’t despair over stuff.  We despair over broken lives.  People.  I guarantee you that I grieve greater over one family leaving our church than I will ever grieve over a trailer full of possessions.  Because we didn’t start a church to have nice stuff.  We started a church to birth in the hearts and lives of people that God will break the things in their lives that they think are unbreakable.  He will set them free.  He will use them in power.  He will change their futures and their families.

It’s time that we started caring less about what might happen to us and walk in the anointing of what might happen through us!

So, we press on.  We have a crazy amount of stuff to do in order to have our systems back in place and we’ll let you know how you can help as we figure out what to do next.  In the meantime, pray, shout in victory, walk in boldness, and don’t back down.

And if you have been watching this story over the weekend and don’t have a church…come and join us.  Our resurrecting God wants to resurrect what has been stolen in your life as well!



  1. Beth Backes said:

    What an incredible response to a terrible situation! Thank you for being an example of courageous faith and showing what it looks like to persevere. We are praying God continues to supply all your needs and that you will continue to see lives changed!

    • Thanks, Beth! Always something to keep us on our toes!!!

  2. Wendell said:

    You never cease to amaze me with your “hit the nail on the head” comments!

    • Thanks Wendell! Since you’re retired, how about you come down here and do ministry with us? 😉 We’ve got lots of excitement going on in Vancouver!

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