April 3 Coffee Church Highlights

Happy Spring Break to all of our students out there!  The weather has been so incredible I think all of us have been on a bit of a spring break!  I dropped all my work one day and just went outside to enjoy the sunshine.  The work will get done by itself, right?

I just love the people of North Creek!  I was so encouraged on Sunday by so many of the steps that people are taking in their walk with God…myself included!  I sense Him moving in so many hearts and lives and I am so grateful to be a part of it!  We have exceptionally amazing people in our midst!

We have no youth group this week for Spring Break.  Some of our students are headed to help with the homeless at Bridgetown on Thursday night instead.  Way to make a difference in this world!

Also, if you’d like to hire a student to earn money for summer camp, you can contact Kris Gray at kris@coffeechurch.com.  She will set you up with however many students you need to do whatever project you have!  Think about it…that pile of rocks you need to move?  Those weeds?  That pressure washing job that will take FOREVER?  Yes, you can not only send a kid to camp, but you can get them to do some labor in return.  We love to help our kids understand Jesus and work ethic!

Our Deaf Church has a group in Mexico this week for a missions trip, so please be praying that God uses their lives in remarkable ways.  Did you know that Mexican sign language is quite different than ASL?  Our deaf church has to learn a new language as well!

On a negative note, but also a positive note at the same time…our Battle Ground deal for sale fell through with the apartments, BUT two great organizations are currently looking at it for the second and third times this week.  We trust Jesus to not only give us the sale we want to move on, but also have His will done on who He wants there in order to fulfill the mission that He has for Battle Ground.  It is exciting to be on this adventure and watch Jesus orchestrate it all.

If you’d like a short term ministry, we need people to stop by the Battle Ground campus and weed the beds once a week.  If a few people did about 15 minutes of weeding a week, it would stay looking good!

How’s your Bible reading?  How about your prayer life?  If you need some help and accountability, jump into a growth group.  It helps to be in community with people who have the heart to grow!  Plus, growth groups are awesome.

I hope you have a truly God-ordained week, full of His divine appointments, miracles, and opportunities.  He has a plan for you!!!

Be blessed!


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