April 15 Highlights

This morning marked our new “normal” for North Creek Church! Two campuses, fully operational, on the regularly scheduled service times. Even my own family got to go to church together at the same location for the first time in a month. I have to say that was the best highlight of my day! My husband and I work very well together as a team, so “catching without my pitcher” for the last month was not my cup of tea.

Battle Ground Week 2 was a great success! Our systems are rolling, we are feverishly training new leaders, people are coming from the community…we are in full swing! For those of you who are about to start a church: The launch number is always irrelevant because it’s not reality. Reality hits on Week 2. We were happy to fill up the 10:00 am service with 122 people in it. The deaf service also had great attendance at 76. That’s a great reality and each of those people are valuable to our church!

Another benefit is that we emptied out 30+ people from our once-too-packed 11:00 am Hazel Dell service who moved to Battle Ground. Now our focus is to fill those seats back up with new guests who become family! Invite friends – we’ve got room again! WHEW!

I worked in Tiny Town yesterday and had a great time with our smallest members. A little guy named Darren is about one years old and doesn’t mess around during worship! He’s got all of the songs and moves down pat and is all about it. Goes to show you that Christ can start very early impacting our hearts!

We are doing pretty well on the volunteer front, although we would love some additional volunteers on our schedule. We need at least one more leader in every area right now at every service, so if you’ve been waiting to jump in, we only need you for one Sunday service a month. You can find our application at coffeechurch.com under the Resources link.

Our softball team had their first game yesterday! Let’s just say that did a great job…of not winning. We love you anyway!

Yesterday Kennedy (my 5 yr. old) helped me out in Tiny Town. They were learning about how God made us all special and unique. She looked up at me, hugged my neck, and said, “I’m unique because I have you in my heart.” Kid’s class is where it’s at!

Did you know that there were 45 kids in KidCity yesterday between the two campuses. Would you take time this week and pray for those 45 elementary school kids? If God captures their heart at this age, they will make wiser decisions as teenagers.

Speaking of teenagers, our youth ministry merged the two campuses on Thursday. It was a great success! The Battle Ground teens said they had a great time and the Hazel Dell kids said that they loved meeting new friends! We need van drivers who will make the trip from Battle Ground to Hazel Dell every Thursday night. If you are free once a month, email Kris at kris@coffeechurch.com.

Encourage one of our staff this week! You can find all of their emails on our website. They’ve been working doubletime to make this a smooth transition and we want them to know their effort is making a difference!

And I hope you are encouraged this week as well!!!!

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