Small Group Leaders Come Forth!

In a few weeks you will have the opportunity to sign up for small groups! Our summer session is the BEST time to jump in as a leader or to offer to open your home as a host. This particular session is only seven weeks (instead of our regular 10), we put a heavier emphasis on relationship, although we never lose sight of discipleship, and we happen to need a BUNCH of groups all over the county to accomodate two campuses.

Here’s a snapshot of our small group structure: In a few weeks you’ll get a brochure of all of our group options. They will range from a bowling group to a Bible study and everything in between. You’ll pick a group that sounds like a good fit, you’ll sign up via a Connection Card at church or the website. You’ll show up seven times and enjoy getting to know people from your group. Then you might choose to go to lunch now and again with new friends. You may even have them over for a game night because you like them…maybe, just maybe! Then in the fall, you’ll sign up for a new group or maybe you and your new friends will choose to do the same group again because they are “your people”. It’s that simple.

We hope that, as you walk through your spiritual journey at North Creek Church, you will think through your spiritual growth and choose a group based on what you need in your life at that moment. Maybe you just need a cup of coffee with some ladies right now, but later you feel like studying a book in the Bible is what you need to do. Maybe you are new to church and you’ll take our Jesus Story option to learn about the framework of Christianity. Overall, we want you to have a variety of experiences that give you friends and spiritual growth on a wholistic basis.

As far as leading goes, it’s easy! We have tons of curriculum or we will help you navigate that! Maybe you want to be that lady that meets a few other gals at a coffee shop every week to read a chapter in your Bibles and encourage one another. Maybe you have a heart for a particular topic that you feel other people would gravitate towards as well. Maybe a video curriculum that requires no teaching on your part is the best fit…whatever it is, we can design the perfect scenario for you.

Also, some people love to lead, but not host in their home. If that’s your gift, let us know and we can partner you with the right leaders. We offer childcare for most of our groups, so homes that can accomodate children are always needed!

If you are thinking about the possibility of leading, would you take a moment to email our Small Groups Director, Amy, at She will be glad to sit down with you and talk through the details, but now is the time! We need leaders who simply have the heart to walk alongside old and new friends as we try to be more like Jesus together. No perfection required!

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