August 19 Coffee Church Highlights

Such a fun weekend!  I love our churches and the communities we are seeing develop!

At Hazel Dell we had Summer Recap Sunday.  Lots of tears, laughs, and fun memories for people.  Jesus is in the business of changing lives and I am continually amazed at how much He can get done in one church.

At Battle Ground we kicked off our “House of Mirrors” series with Chris Harold.  It is a series about our role, mission, and agenda as a church.  Sometimes we get very confused on what is mandated in the Bible as a church.  It’s not about crosses on the walls and programs down the halls.  It’s about each of us living for Jesus 100% of the time and having lives that reflect that 24/7.

One of our worship team members at Hazel Dell might have set off the alarm on Sunday morning at 7:00 am.  The police might have showed up and questioned him on stage about what he was doing in our church.  I can’t confirm or deny this information because I wouldn’t want to incriminate Marcus Young.

Congrats to Heather and Tim on their upcoming nuptuals!!!!! Super excited for you two!  Heather was baptized this summer, went to the Dominican Republic on the missions trip and now she’s getting married.  Talk about a busy summer with Jesus!

Congrats to Rob and Sandy who are now the proud parents to two beautiful girls!  God grows our families in profound ways and we are excited with the Carpenter family!  More kids at the Coffee Church is always an awesome thing!

We took an offering over the last couple of weeks for our missionaries.  We are super excited that a couple thousand dollars have come in!  Thank you for your support of people that we love and believe in who are working far away from home in order to bring the world the message of Jesus.  It’s money WELL spent!

We had a board meeting Sunday night.  We love our board!  They care about our church, our pastors, and our future.  Thanks to that great team of North Creek protectors and encouragers!

You should take a moment and LIKE our church on Facebook.  It’s another way to stay connected to people and know what’ going on.  Just click HERE to go to our page.

Also, thank you for all of the school supplies!  We got lots of actual supplies as well as about $300 in cash to buy additional supplies.  We are also helping a single mother with her supplies as well.  If you are a single parent and need help with supplies, would you email me at  We can help out in that area!

Here are some more opportunities this week to help North County Schools this week:

Aug. 22 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm – Hanging clothes donations in preparation for the Event Day where they distribute clothes and school supplies.  Help anytime for any amount of time!  Battle Ground High School *Previously I put the wrong address, so take note!!!

Aug. 23 – Evening help moving and setting up for Event Day.  Contact Ken & Peggy (contact info below) to help.

Aug. 24  from 1:30 – 7:00 pm – Event Day at Battle Ground High School – They need workers for 3 hour shifts.  Must have a background check, so please email/call Ken & Peggy Kirkman asap to get signed up.  360-687-9866 or


Have a great week and we’ll see you soon!  Be blessed!

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