August 21 Highlights

What a great weekend!

Worship was exceptional! It was a great lineup of songs and it flowed so beautifully. I have loved what Matt and Andrea have brought to our team and am so grateful for the plethora of talented people that we have at North Creek. As Tiffany would say, “Mood: blessed!”

I love Jesus so much. If you want to love Jesus, pick up your Bible and find out something about Him. He’s intriguing!

My sister-in-law and niece were here visiting from North Dakota for the weekend. It was fun having them at the Coffee Church as well as see plenty of Mark’s family members over the last few days.

The youth ministry returned from their mission’s trip and they say they have MANY exciting stories to tell. On Labor Day weekend we will be sharing summer highlights, so don’t miss that!

We also announced that we are removing the bar to make room for more seats for the fall. No fear: we will always make room for coffee, so you’ll be just fine! We will also be putting in a new floor, painting the walls, and having a massive cleanup of the parking lot to get ready for our church’s FIFTH year anniversary! Unbelievable!

On the backburner: including our current church facility, the building behind us, and our basement, our current property has nearly the same square footage as the other building we’ve been looking at. We are currently weighing out the pros and cons to our situation to see if we can facilitate our vision in our current location with a MAJOR overhaul. The price of our current place is half of the price of the other option…huh. Would you pray with us for wisdom? And keep giving to 19 Cents of Faith! We need a chunk of change for the “change” we want to see in Hazel Dell!

On a strange note: our offerings are WAY down for August. We’ve made our budget of $14000 a month for a very long time (over a year) and to date we have about $4500 given so far this month (for the general budget). It is one of the most unusual situations we’ve seen. If you have the means, we would love some help!

On a stranger note: our attendance average for the month of August will probably be our highest average ever.

Mark preached on forgiveness yesterday. Yeah, that hit some nerves. Lots of tears around, but hopefully those are “Holy Spirit Tears” and symbolize that God is working.

Mark also mentioned hoarding items briefly as an illustration. Yeah, that hit A LOT of nerves. People get really nervous when you mess with their need for stuff…

I hope your week is full of forgiveness and freedom! Many blessings!

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