On a Faith Journey

In April we set out to raise enough money to refurbish a building in Hazel Dell that incorporated both our regular church functions as well as several functioning businesses including a coffee shop with an area geared for parents with kids. Here’s my thoughts so far:

Sticking your neck out is a great thing to do. Sometimes you have to live life with a little uncertainty. It’s good for you and your prayer life.

The kids at our church are the driving force behind this dream. I think we are raising up a generation that speaks with open hearts and open hands. They keep handing me bags of coins that they are collecting. Their faith has been humbling for me. Gotta say…stingy hearts make me gag.

Speaking of giving, we gave up a month’s salary, which I thought would be devastatingly difficult. We haven’t even noticed it. There was a reality check for me! I thought that stretching any farther than we had been would break us, but it didn’t even create a panic.

Through this process God has opened up new doors that we didn’t see as possibilities. I think we are close to solving some key problems with our growth without sacrificing any of the vision. Sometimes faith is about the journey, not the destination. That is definitely what we are discovering.

I think we are blessed pastors! Our team, board, and church allows us to lead through the uncertainty without going hysterical when all the ducks aren’t in a row. I think this is the greatest gift.

We have met GREAT people on this journey and many of them are now a part of our church. Didn’t see that one coming when we set out to raise money!

I have a feeling that this fall will involve change. Change involves work. Work involves people. You are the people!

We need about another $200,000 for the first step, which will solve most of our immediate problems. Not too bad of a number, is it? Totally doable! Of course, any number is OK with God. He owns it all!

Thank you for your continued giving and personal support! We are currently in the middle of specific conversations that may launch us to the next level. We look forward to updating you very soon, but in the meantime, pray!

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