August 28 Highlights

WHAT A DAY! We started with church and then we had our demolition day where we tore through our main auditorium and took EVERYTHING out in preparation for new floors. Bar, dance floor, beer taps (they were hidden behind art all these years!), some lights, all the decorations, and MUCH more has LEFT the building!

One of our newest babies came to visit for the first time yesterday! Welcome to the world, Landon! And congrats to Shayna on that beautiful baby boy!

I was in the Great Adventurer’s yesterday! HILARIOUS group of 4th and 5th graders in my small group. I LOVE the way they think at this age and how they are figuring out the way the world works. Volunteer once a month to work in our elementary class. It’s awesome!

We NEED small group leaders! To accomodate our growth, we need five couples who will lead general groups. If you would like more information, please email Amy Day at right away. We want to get our lineup finalized within the next 10 days! It’s a great way to get to know people and serve our church.

I will do a detailed post tomorrow about our building demolition and construction. I’m pretty excited about it!

Mark preached about conflict resolution yesterday. I really feel like this is an artform that we all need to get really good at! It’s a necessary part of life and most people do it so poorly that it’s shocking.

Have you ever thought about the fact that the person that you are so offended by probably doesn’t think about you very often? That may hurt your feelings, but it’s true. We spend so much time investing energy into offense and the other party is probably living their lives just fine and dandy. Stop letting them live in your head without paying rent. Just sayin.

Last week our 6th graders transitioned out of the Great Adventurer’s into the youth group, next week our Kindergarteners transfer out of the Little Adventurer’s into the Great Adventure, and our graduating seniors are now out of the youth group and onto our college age small group. That’s a lot of nervous energy around! Please pray for all of these transitions and assure them all that the next step is going to be awesome!

The number one question I was asked yesterday, “What color are we painting the auditorium?” My answer is officially: something that you probably won’t like. I say that jokingly because it seemed like every color I suggested someone in whatever group I was talking to announced that was a bad idea. Here’s the reality: Our target audience for esthetics is teenagers. If they like it, we win. If we want young people to love our church, we need to create an environment they love to come to. I will attend ANY (Godly) church that my kids love. Paint it hot pink for all I care. I didn’t prefer cobalt blue and corrugated metal, but our youth thought it was cool. Not going to sacrifice drawing in a generation that is easily lost for anything…especially paint. So, brace yourself and prepare to LOVE it, because you will!!!!

Blessings to you all!

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