Demolition Day

If you’ve been following our story, which is pretty hard to do since we move and change overnight, you know that we tore apart our church on Sunday. Although we have LOVED the esthethics of the nightclub feel for the last three years, we have outgrown our space. Our only option quickly became to take out the massive bar in our main auditorium and make room for more seats. The decision was between people and property. I’ve seen too many churches forget the mission of God over “sacred cows” in their church. That will never be our story. Goodbye bar, hello more people! Every swing of the sledge hammer was a clarification of why we do what we do.

Thank you to the many men who hit, kicked, cut, swung, and scraped to make way for people. Thank you to the ladies who moved, swept, cleaned, held kids, and hung out with me while we kissed the bar and the dance floor goodbye! And thanks to those of you who provided more food than an army could eat because we all know that every church function must include food!!!

Want to know what I love about North Creek? No one complained. No one chose the bar over people. No one muttered and grumbled. Everybody jumped in, worked hard, ate lots, and laughed themselves silly over what crazy thing we’d come up with next.

And just wait until tomorrow’s blog. The story gets even better.

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  1. Wow! I didn’t realize how much space that counter took up. That must make your meeting space seem huge.

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