August 4 Coffee Church Highlights

Sunday!  And it’s still hot!  Could this summer be any more amazing?  I’m loving the long, clear days with my kids in the pool.  They’ve been wet for two months now…

It’s been a great summer of growth at our church.  We’ve seen a lot of new guests come through our doors and decide to stay and be a part of our church family.  That being said, our services are completely unpredictable in July and August!  I couldn’t guess attendance at any given service if I tried.  I’m looking forward to September when we get a little bit of normality back.

Small groups start again in late September.  Gonna be great!  If you have an inkling to facilitate a group, it’s time to email Tasha and let her know at  Letting us know early makes such a smooth transition into groups, so thank you!

We had someone bring flowers with them to church with their tithe check.  They wanted to express to God how grateful they are for His provision and what a joy it is to give back to Him.  Well, that’s humbling…

On that same note, Mark spoke on Belshazzar on Sunday and about the greed that consumed him.  Most interesting was the number of conversations with people this week who don’t want to change the giving habits in their lives.  I think the most important character trait we can possibly have is to be teachable and want to grow, even in the hard stuff!  The goal of this life is to grow before you go…

At Battle Ground, Rachael preached her first sermon ever and knocked it out of the park!  It was awesome to have so many of our leaders take a week for Age of Kings and really do a phenomenal job.  My favorite part was watching the Scriptures come alive for each preacher.  They all spent so much time with their Bible character that it really transformed them in profound ways.

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School supplies are piling up at both of our campuses!  Thanks so much for bringing in your generosity as we aim to be present in our local schools.  We have two more weeks for you to bring your supplies.

Jim preached on Jehoshaphat at the Deaf Church.  That was the king I preached on, so he’s now my favorite.  Love me some Jehoshaphat!

We went to an open house for one of our young couples from Battle Ground on Sunday night.  I love young marrieds buying their first homes!  It brings back all of the amazing memories of our first house and how much fun it was to make it our home!

Being a part of church is so much fun!  Come and see for yourself!

Hope you are blessed!!!!


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