August 5 Coffee Church Highlights

It is nearing the end of the long list of amazing adventures that the Coffee Church has been blessed with this summer!  The kids arrived home from camp on Friday night after a week of few showers, lots of games, and growing in their relationship with Jesus.  Thank you to Sarah Sherland and Mark Newell for going as cabin staff.  Your investment into their lives is eternal!  I accepted Jesus at Kid’s Camp in 1986, so I have a special place in my heart for this event.

AND….Will and Sarah Sherland announced their pregnancy right before Sarah left for camp.  Mark married Will and Sarah years ago, as the first North Creek wedding, so this baby is special for us on many levels.  Tears are flowing….

My oldest daughter went to camp for the first time.  She is “cleaning challenged”, so she fit right in with the all of the other girls who took home the prize of dirtiest cabin.  I’m not proud.

Mark and I were at Battle Ground on Sunday.  There were FOUR babies under the age of one month!  FYI:  We are creating a brand new nursing mom’s room just for the fleet of babies over there.  Coming SOON!

Matt spoke at Hazel Dell and he called me loud.  I told him that I just have very confident vocal cords.  We love Matt and Andrea and are SO glad to have them on our team and in our lives!

Jim spoke at Battle Ground and he called Mark and I “middle aged”.  I think I’d rather be called loud.  Jim is the Deaf Church Pastor and so we had to tie his hands behind his back so that he was forced to preach with his voice this week!

If you are one of those people who has been gone a lot this summer, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you!  We can’t wait to have you back after your summer winds down.

We are painting some of the Kid’s Rooms at Battle Ground tomorrow.  You can join us from 10:00-5:00 pm and help out!  It’s one of the easier jobs that we have, but also one of the most important.  Kids are a priority!

God has done some of the coolest things EVER this summer at the Coffee Church.  Each campus will have a service about all the amazing things that happened via baptism, camps, missions trip, and Sundays.  I can’t wait!

I love our church!  I love pastoring here, love our team, love our successes, and even love our struggles.  Find a church that you can love everything about and then pour your life into making even better.  Don’t sit around being grumpy about petty details, but jump in with both feet and LOVE the people, the process, and the pastors.  It’s liberating to get behind a vision and go one direction.

On that note, I’m cleaning out some closets this week and letting go of junk.  That’s liberating, too!  Hope you are blessed beyond measure.

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