Awesome Leaders

This Sunday at church I had one of my favorite moments ever as a pastor.  I’ve been in situations in my past, not necessarily church related, but where great leaders did nothing in the event of a crisis.  Why?  Because of the unspoken rule that the leader at the top of the food chain needed to be the one to make the final decision.  I have even watched myself do nothing when I knew what to do to solve the problem in order to “stay out of it”.

Well, at 9:45 am on Sunday, we had no projector.  One is in the repair shop and the other went on the fritz.  Two of our amazing leaders got in their car, went to Best Buy (thank you for being open at 10:00 am!), bought a new projector, set it up, and had it running by 10:15 am.

Greg, one of those amazing leaders, saw it was working, through his hands up in the air, and said, “Twenty minutes!”  For those of you who have ever been part of a committee driven system, you can imagine that a similar crisis could take months or even years to solve…but not at North Creek.  Great leaders saw the opportunity to jump in and make that morning excellent for our guests.

And that is what it was all about.  Those two men believe in this church just as much as I do (and not to mention, the leader at the top of the food chain).  So much so that they would do whatever it took to make it the best possible morning for somebody who might walk in to our church for the first time.

Now that’s empowerment.  And the most honoring thing anybody could do for their leader…just be the incredible person that you are.

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