Kid’s Camp

Mark, Kim and nine of North Creek’s beautiful kids got back from camp this afternoon.  It was awesome to see their dirty, smiling faces, fresh off of a week with Jesus.  One bragged that she hadn’t brushed her teeth since she left on Wednesday…ahhh, kid’s camp!

I loved hearing the stories of their little lives being changed and transformed by God.  I accepted Jesus as my Savior at a kid’s camp in 1984, so I know that what they are learning can change their entire lives.  Mark told me stories of one of our young girls who held another girl in her arms as she cried at an altar.  I know the story behind that girl’s life, and I know that the only one who has the power to right the wrongs in the world is our Lord.  For her to learn to lean on Jesus at this age could very well save her life. 

For our kids to minister to each other is truly unbelievable to me.  When the Bible says that the very kingdom of Heaven belongs to kids, He was right.  It is one thing for our pastors to pray with a student, but there is another kind of power when our kids know that their peers are walking through life with them with Godly standards.

That’s why I love our church.  Our kids are top priority.  Kim and Mark are two of the best pastors out there and they are giving time and energy away from their kids to invest into the lives of our youngest leaders.  And not only that, but our kids are finding a community of people that will encourage them to live up to the dreams that God has for them.  It’s what I want for my kids and I know it’s what you want for yours!

  1. Rachael said:

    I am so excited about Kids Camp and so thankful that our kids had an amazing time! Can’t wait to hear all about their fun and how God has changed them forever!!

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