“But people have died there!”

Our new building has a history.  It is well known in Vancouver as a place with a past filled with clubs, fights, police calls, and behavior that doesn’t glorify God…at all.

We’ve gotten a few funny responses to making this seedy place a church.  It makes me laugh everytime I hear that!  I feel like this building is a direct correlation of what God wants for people’s lives.  Sometimes, we are filled with the most disgusting behavior, thoughts, and emotions.  Our “house” (or our body) has a history and a past that is filled with all sorts of things that we are probably not proud of!

But when we sign the contract with God, He begins to clean things up.  In some areas of our hearts, we just need a good scrubbing and a fresh coat of paint.  However, in other areas, He finds mold.  That mold will destroy us and needs to be gutted, cleaned out and rebuilt.  And because He believes so much in the end product and what you can be, He works with diligence and perseverance until you are complete.

About a week ago a man walked into our church and told us how he had been praying for so long that our building would become a church someday.  He said that he came often to pray at our building.  His prayers were that where there was once destruction, there would now be a place of Honor for Jesus.  It was touching as his voice cracked because we were standing before him as answers to that prayer.

So, who cares about the past?  Both in our building and in your life.  Our seedy building is wide open for your seedy soul.  And come with expectation, for just as our building will now appear to be clean and fresh, that is exactly how you can appear with Jesus in your life.

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