Everyday is a Milestone

We are continuing to do the detail work in the new building with high hopes of having our first service there on Nov. 16.  The men’s and women’s bathrooms were both completed today, which is an important necessity!  They went from looking grimey and dissheveled to quite nice and definitely very clean!  A few finishing touches and we will have conquered some of the worst of our jobs!

We also are mostly done with the Little Adventurer’s room.  It got fresh carpet, tables, chairs, storage, and even some new toys!  It was a joy to see my two Little Adventurers absolutely destroy that room today.  They tested the new toys, colored with new crayons, and watched a video cuddled up next to a portable heater, since we haven’t turned on the gas yet!  It is an unbelievable transformation from a pool room to a room where God will be glorified in our toddler’s lives. 

We began cleaning another room that will morph into our nursery in the next couple of days.  It got fresh paint and flooring will go in tomorrow.  We’ll put in a cabinet for storage, a changing table, crib, toys, and chairs to create a cute, peaceful place for our youngest guests.

And then from there we will deal with the Great Adventurer’s and the Youth room to round out the massive cleaning job that we’ve been working on for a month now.  The good news is that we are beginning to see daily progress.  For so long it was wading through so many projects that it seemed like we were never seeing anything actually finished.  But God always finishes what He starts and He also graciously gives us the strength to finish what we start!

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