Think Life Change!

Last Friday Mark and I attended a mini-conference with Kris and Joe for Small Group Leaders (since we were up in Seattle anyway!).  It was about helping people get to the next season in their walk with God.  It was nothing new, but nonetheless a challenge to me.  It was a very good reminder of how to love people and continue to create disciples for Christ. 

Without accountablility in our lives, it is easy to avoid being stretched and changed.  Who will help to make sure that you are reading the Bible and pursuing things like baptism and faithful church attendance?  The most determined people can easily fall short when it comes to pursuing growth!  It’s difficult to remain motivated and consistent without someone in your life helping you along.

That is why small groups are important to our church.  It’s an opportunity to walk through life with people.  I think about my small group every Sunday when I walk through the doors of the church.  Who’s out of town?  Who will I see today and what do I have to get updated on?  I think about them when I write notes of encouragement and when I pray.  What needs are in their lives that they need someone to care about?  I think about them when my kids are driving me nuts and I need a break!  Who do I trust to talk to about my day?  They are literally entwined throughout my life.  And I love it.  It gives me a measureable group of people to invest in and be invested in by them.

As a group we will grow each other and fail each other.  It’s the beautiful part of commitment and growth.  We will see life change in our strengths and in our weaknesses as we walk together.  I want to be a better leader, follower, and friend…and I’m glad that I have a foundation of people who will stick by me on that journey!

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