What a Trip!

On Saturday about eight of us ended up in Seattle to pick up all of our new equipment that was donated to us!  What a blessing!  It was really unbelievable to watch dreams come true right before my eyes.  From the very large and expensive lighting trusses right down to the little things.  Angela lit up as she discovered a box of Bibles to use for Starting Point.  And of course, they were even the version that she wanted for her class.  I’m not surprised at how intentional God’s love is anymore! 

We are exhausted from the trip and this process, but I wouldn’t trade that for the world.  From the day we decided to plant a church until now, God has just been so faithful.  I see why He chose to let us go through the toughest seasons and I also see why He is blessing us now.  The growth and reliance that God has instilled in us is a security that I am so appreciative of.

I look forward to the journey.  Everyday with Jesus is better than the one before!  God is good.

By the way, you can stop praying for the lift!  We’ve decided that a platform floor is the best option, so you can continue to direct your prayer time towards a speedy process with the county.  We’d love to move in by Nov. 16, although Nov. 9 is still an option!

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