Floors, Doors and Ramps, OH MY!

Well, we are currently in the midst of trying to solve the one problem we have to get our occupancy permit.  Basically we need a ramp or elevated floor to make The Great Adventurer room ADA compliant.  That sounds easy, but with the rules in place that we have to follow, it is turning into quite the challenge.

I know that God will give us the answer.  It feels like we are putting together a puzzle, but first we have to find all of the pieces.  One of those pieces could be a  45″ commercial grade platform or elevator lift, so if you are in the mood to pray specifically, that’s a good one!  They are very expensive, but that hasn’t really stopped God from finding a way so far, so I’m sure that a miracle is looking us straight in the face!

Hang on!  The story is going to be a good one.  It always is with God.

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