Pouring It On

Mark got the privilege of announcing on Sunday a great blessing that North Creek Church received this week.  It came at the most hilarious of moments…

On one of our many work days, Kevin Perron and I spent the entire day duct taping and spray painting nasty old chairs to try and make them workable for our new church building.  Chairs are expensive, any way you slice it, so we took what we had and were determined to make it work as long as we needed to.  After about eight hours of work, we went home.  As I was driving in the dark I thought to myself, “God, we can’t use those chairs.  People won’t even want to sit down in our church!  There has to be another option!” 

Ten minutes later Mark and Jeff walked in the door with the news of a lifetime!  Our friends’ church was closing and we were going to be the recipient of some of his assets…including 80 beautiful black new chairs!  Along with those chairs would be the lighting system we need, the espresso machine we were praying for, and a long list of odds and ends that will make ministry so much easier and sharper.  It was incredible!  Tears welled up in my eyes as I heard the news.  How could God go down the checklist of my heart and literally nail everything we need?  How could God love us that much?  But He just does!

The irony of the situation is that our friend, Jon, didn’t even know we were getting in to our own building.  He just called to see if we could use some office equipment when Mark let him know that we were in the process of moving.  Jon said, “I’m about to change your life.”  And did he ever!  If we hadn’t been moving in just at this time we would not have a need for his equipment.  The timing was literally to the day!

Now, some of you may be feeling my pain for having had to spend a day spray painting chairs that we won’t use…Kevin’s probably feeling the most pain!  But don’t worry, the moment of understanding God’s love is worth eight hours of agony.  So, if you’re in the middle of a little agony – hold on!  God’s got a miracle just around the corner!

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