Called to Chaos

North Creek Church has an abundance of 2-5 year olds!  It’s been this crazy area that consistently pulls in kid after kid after kid….We structured ourselves from the very beginning to cater to families with toddlers.  Our youngest learners get worship, Bible stories, they memorize scripture, do crafts, coloring, and games – all in one hour!  We have an excellent program that I am very proud to put my own kids into with quality teachers that love them.

My dear friend, Rachael Yonko, took over this area of ministry when we launched.  At first I think it was out of necessity in her mind, but once again, as God moved the chess pieces, Rachael became an integral part of the heart behind this ministry.

A good leader hires people around them that think in a similar way to themselves.  A great leader hires people who think quite differently.  Rachael would be that piece of the puzzle that thinks differently.  Where our grace would end, Rachael’s love and compassion is just getting started.  She doesn’t give up on people easily and still has the innocence in her heart to be completely shocked by betrayal.  She is a constant reminder on our staff that we always need to error on the side of grace.

She is kind, generous, and filled with a sensitivity that I often see well up in her eyes.  Tell her a story of a changed life and she will melt into tears.  Then she will throw her arms up and say in a chirping voice, “I just LOVE the way God works!”

Rachael’s future will be a busy one in ministry.  I know that the preschool ministry, under her caring leadership, will grow beyond imagination.  She will grow into the role of faciliator and director of many, many leaders.  And through the example of her love, they will better understand how to love the children that God has brought to North Creek.

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