I love random coincidences, like when two twins separated at birth just happen to work in the same building and reunite after years and years…

When we first moved up to the north end of Vancouver (Salmon Creek) a friend of mine (Jeannie) told me about a friend she had that lived right by my new house.  “You’ve just got to meet, you have little girls the exact same age, you’d love her!”  Sounded nice, especially since we had no friends up in the area, but the reality of calling a complete stranger was a bit odd.  So, needless to say, it never happened.

Thankfully we started preschool and dance class, which helped to create relationships for my daughter.  We met lots of great girls in school and I got to chat with several moms while we watched dance class together.  I mostly talked with one mom in particular, so when dance class was over we put our girls in the same swim lessons.  They ended up being the only two girls in the class and bonded even more than in ballet class.  My daughter, Delaney, is shy and reserved, but her friend, Emily, is the total opposite.  She talks to anybody as much as they will let her!  They are in the same school district, so their friendship will last through the years.

After nearly a year of lessons together, Emily’s mom and I discovered that we had a mutual friend…Jeannie.  She had been telling both of us we should meet for over two years, but neither of us had put together the fact that the very person Jeannie was talking about was the friend we already had.

Those are the very strange coincidences in life that I love.  Vancouver is not a small town, so the chances of randomly becoming friends with the person that Jeannie suggested is pretty remarkable.  I think it’s God’s opportunity in life to remind us that He’s got a plan and a purpose for everything.

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