The Velvet Hammer

I love the people that God has brought to my life.  I realize that I am abundantly blessed with amazing, talented, creative people all around me.  I especially appreciate the people in my life that are different than myself.  One of those people is our youth pastor’s wife, Angela.  In the future, I’ll tell you the story of how she and Jeff ended up in Vancouver, but for today, I’ll just tell you about her.

When you first meet Angela, I’m pretty sure that the heavens open up and rays of sunshine burst forth.  Small, woodsy animals scurry from the darkness to rest beside her and you can almost hear the sounds of Julie Andrews singing, “The hills are alive with the sound of music…” somewhere in the distant background.

She’s got a gift of enveloping people with kindness and love.  I watch her in absolute amazement because she is just dripping with graciousness.  She disarms the toughest of souls and you feel the need to confide your deepest transgressions into her loving care.  That’s the velvet part of who she is.  Soft, warm, and just downright beautiful.

But that’s not the part I love most about her.  What I love most is that the “creamy center” of Angela is opinionated, strong, secure, and determined.  She may smile while she’s saying it, but it won’t deter her from telling you the truth.  She wants people to live right, do right, and fulfill what God has in store for them.  She gets downright frustrated when people can’t figure out how to do just that.  And the look of outrage on her face that you might live to be anything short of God’s best is worth a thousand pictures.  She’ll straighten you out with a bluntness that will leave you reeling, but all wrapped up in this warm and reassuring package. 

She’s what I call a “Velvet Hammer”.  You’ll never know what hit you.  But, believe me, you’ll be glad that she loves you enough to dive headfirst into your life and tell you what God sees in you.

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