The Way I See It

As a staff we sit down and think through the year and what we feel our people would most learn from.  Right now we are in the middle of a really great series called The Way I See It.  It’s about some of the things in the Bible that the world doesn’t understand, such as “Jesus is the Only Way”, baptism, and the Holy Spirit. 

It’s seems that there is a trend in the culture of Christianity to pick and choose what we believe, most of the time based on our experiences rather than the Bible.  Partnered with that picking and choosing is a lack of Bible reading, which is a combination that can literally spin off into an entirely different religion. 

My prayer for the church is that as we read the Bible we would accept it all – the parts that are easy and the parts that are downright uncomfortable.   The hardest parts of the Bible to comprehend are what make God, well, God.  If we could wrap our brains around a concept such as the Holy Spirit, then we would be equal to God, not His students.

And yet, rather than embracing the vastness of the Bible, we chop it into “understandable” parts in order to find some measure of comfort in our belief system.  But faith is a key component of our belief system and comfort never comes with faith.

I’m impressed by the openness of the people at North Creek to learn.  They are humble and moldable, which are characteristics that God honors greatly.  I know that as we as a congregation dive into the text of the Bible, God is going to pour out wisdom and understanding that we have never had before.  And with wisdom, comes great things!

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