Mark and I crammed two conferences into our crazy week. It sounds ridiculous to make the time to do that in the midst of painting and preaching and planning, but if you’re to busy to grow, you’re too busy. Larry Osbourne and Mark Batterson poured into our lives in truly humbling and astounding ways. We didn’t come home exhausted. We came home with even more enthusiasm than ever.

On that note, do you realize what we are doing tomorrow by painting this building? We are taking a landmark that was once a seedy nightclub with a violent and disgusting history and making it a clean and amazing gathering place in our community. We are reclaiming a corner of Vancouver and making it glorify God. I spoke with a police officer on Wednesday night who recalled numerous 911 calls to our property. It was known for it’s problems. We moved in and crime went down. Our very presence is redefining a piece of Vancouver.

Yes. It’s just a building. It’s just some cement and some rotten wood. But it’s also a symbol. It’s a symbol of a dream and prayer and an unstoppable God. It’s a symbol of a group of people who are changed by grace and want to show the world how great their God is. Tomorrow it’s paint and flowers, but that’s just the beginning.

Bring it on.

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