It’s been extremely busy over the last week as we decided to paint our monstrosity of a church building! When we moved in, we poured all of our resources and energy into the inside of the building in order to be functionable as a church. Our focus was to make the outside “good for now”. In that year and a half since we moved in to this building, things on the outside have only gotten worse. The moss seems to be overtaking the parking lot and the old, worn paint took a beating through yet another winter. The dirt that is kicked up from the freeway in front of us has settled into every pore and crack that we have and the dry rot that began a decade ago has come to completion.

It’s time for a little love on our exterior.

Once we decided to paint, the emails started pouring in for donations of supplies, help, and excitement to put a fresh face on our dingy building. It’s been very encouraging to see the ownership that we have over our building. It’s not fancy and not the best of anything, but it’s our home and we love it.

Ironically, I am thankful everyday that God did not give us “shiney and new”. There is NOTHING intimidating about our rickety, old winery-turned Mexican restaurant-turned bar-turned church. It’s an easy place to come to.

I look forward to watching it all take shape. There is a massive undertaking of trash pickup, trimming, pressure washing, repairing, planting, scrubbing, scraping, and spraying. But in a matter of days, old issues will be washed away and once again our church family will have come together to make a difference in our community. This time it’s just sprucing up a building, but it’s all part of a greater dream!

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