February 28

Church highlights from the last day of February…

Great attendance today!

I watched three incredible kindergarteners help lead worship today in the Great Adventurer’s. One of the girls is fairly new. My daughter and her have become fast friends. It was neat to watch them singing their hearts out together. Friends make a big difference in how much kids like church. I think that one of the most important things in helping your kids like church is to show up often. That’s how they make friends and get connected. It’s hard at first, but the dividends are well worth it.

We’ve officially decided to paint our building in time for the Easter services, which happen just five weeks from now. We’ll be starting next Saturday and hammering it out on the backs of volunteers. I am VERY excited to see our ugly building get a facelift. It’s time!

We are working diligently to get some of our newer families plugged in to the life of the church. It’s such an honor to have new families consider North Creek as their home and we want people to feel like they are a part as soon as possible. We have room for everybody!

Mark preached on forgiveness and that spurred on a lot of important conversations in many lives. One thing I like about where we’re at in ministry, is that it’s OK to have questions, talk about it together, dive into the Word together, and help one another through it. None of us has arrived and some of these topics are daunting at best.

We are also in the process of planning and plowing forward for our second campus. We need to raise $30,000 on top of sustaining a $150,000 budget this year. Totally do-able! We’ve got things to do and places to go!

On another note that is not church related…the Olympics are over. Short Track is by far my favorite sport! Watching Apolo Ono is just awesome!

It’s gonna be a busy week, but one we are looking forward to. Mark and I are going to a conference for a little re-charging and then we’ll hit the church painting task ahead! Bring your paint clothes and jump on in!

  1. Ellen F. said:

    Brought Kanin with me on Sunday,He picked up trash around the church as we were leaving and said the church needs more flowers and roses, We talked about where we could plant them. I have ywo rose bushes to donate and a Japanese laceleaf maple.
    I think Kanin will come with me next Sat. to help paint the church.

    The last two messages have been difficult for me to hear.
    I almost left the church before the message was ended Feb 21st,but felt a re-assuring pressure on my shoulder, and the word “stay” in my ear. I am grateful I stayed ’til the end to hear and continue my healing process.
    My scars of abuse and cancer are visible and are deep,physically and emotionally.
    This 90 Day Challenge of reading the Bible everyday and listening to very hard soul searching messages of healing,gratitudeand forgiveness,has given me peace in my everyday life,also to face the unknown future. I am FEELING the Holy Spirit more. I am feeling the strength of God in my life.
    Thank you for such realistic messages,I am listening,even when I want to run weeping from the room, but I listen to a voice that whispers “Stay”.
    I am dropping the rocks and pebbles from my pockets,too heavy,I know there are more there,but I feel lighter and less weighed down by guilt.Forgiveness,Peace and Gratitude are very light in weight and so much easier to carry than sin guilt and revenge.
    thank you. Ellen

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