December 18 Highlights

Merry Christmas! Our sermon yesterday was a reminder to tie all things back to the amazing birth of Jesus Christ! Slow down, enjoy family, forget the pressure to DO and just BE with Jesus. Good stuff!

The kid’s checkin system is rolling smoothly at this point! As more and more families get into the system, it is really going well. SUPER nice to have all of the kids appropriately labeled!

Worship team did a phenomenal job yesterday. LOVE their voices lifting up praise to Jesus!

A five year old came bounding up to me at church asking if she could have a Bible. YES! There is a wealth of amazing wisdom in the pages of the Bible and I know that if you get ahold of that while you are young, the trajectory of your life will be changed. Our choices determine our future and you make the right choices by knowing what the right choice to make.

Ministry requires getting THICK skin. So many issues and conversations throughout the week that can be daunting to deal with! You can’t let the hard stuff overshadow the great stuff.

Speaking of great stuff, two people told us that God healed them at Simply Worship a couple of weeks ago. They had physical issues and God touched them!

I am looking forward to 2012. What are you dreaming for from God???? I’ve got a list!

Love my church, love my family, love my God! Have a VERY blessed week and we’ll see you soon!

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