God Whispers Your Destiny

When we started North Creek Church five years ago we had NO idea how to start a church. And true to our nature, we were going to do it with as much speed as we could muster. We ended up being done as youth pastors on June 19, 2006 and having our first full blown service on Sept. 24, 2006…that included a couple of weeks of vacation and a new born baby! We don’t mess around.

ALthough it seemed like a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time, in hindsight the entire church was scratched on paper on March 9, 2006. Mark and I decided to just randomly jot down who we were and what we felt a strong foundation would look like. I found that paper and I decided that I would blog some of those prophetic words to keep them as a part of our history. God truly whispered so much of our destiny to us that day, but we had no way of knowing just how much clarity we had in the midst of the confusion.

Here is what we pictured so many years ago:

Research possible locations
• bar that closed on highway 99
• School district
• New office building right off of freeway
• Washington state university

Mission is leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ

Core Values
Authentic Relationships
Honoring God & People
Creativity- Relevant
Empowerment- destiny

Other values we have discussed:
• Partnership
• Technology
• Environment

We believe…
God will give you better
Will grow this ministry
Foundation… building

Student involvement
Dream big
See yourself as god sees you
Invest and Invite

Everyone’s a 10 somewhere
1. You must believe that the leaders are there
They are in your church

2. Become a dream releaser
Bird in the cage let free at edge of ravine
Greatest joy is to set something free

When people’s dream is being released..
Maximum effectiveness minimum weariness
When not… max weariness, min. effectiveness

Extreme joy
Accelerated growth
Kid’s ministry
Motivated, passionate believers
Find people’s gifts
Sane people in leadership…THIS ONE MAKES ME LAUGH!!!
Amazing worship

Living room
Small groups- we are small groups
Top notch kids on Sundays
Spiritual virtues
5th & 6th grade Sundays- top notch & small groups
Jr. & sr. high Sunday afternoon
Sunday- involved in service and ministry
No choir, contemporary worship
Worship & prayer monthly
Series, creative, illustrated
Rotating preachers
Website resources, DVD resources
Honoring team, people

No plan b

Pretty shocking how many of these words I would have written down today if you asked me to describe North Creek. It’s amazing! Maybe you should take some time today and make a list of what your life will look like in 5 years…you might just get what you ask for!

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