December 20

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I have been travelling and vacationing this week, so my weekly highlights of church are a bit late, but I still wanted to tell you them because it was a GREAT Sunday!

First of all, we had Hip Hop dancers from Expressive Dance Studio, an 11 year old singer who will stop you in your tracks, and testimonies of our own people and how their lives are unexpected. Needless to say, we had the gammet of emotions going on this weekend!

Marc and Amy Roy brought their dance crew, Kryptic, to showcase for us. Normal churches don’t have hip hop on Christmas, but I’m pretty sure God didn’t call the church to be normal. I believe in Marc and Amy and look forward with great anticipation to their future. If you want to get a hold of Marc regarding lessons, check out for more info. He not only cares about dance, but he cares about growing people with the love of Jesus.

Hannah Wilson can sing. She’s 11 years old and she’ll blow your socks off. My daughter, Kennedy, has told me all week that when she grows up, she’s going to sing on stage just like Hannah. That’s why we need to use people NOW and not worry about their age or their expertise (although she’s got the expertise!). Hannah inspired kids (and adults) to pursue a dream. What a gift to us all!

Carl (Hannah’s dad) shared a moving testimony about his fight with colon cancer. He’s a walking miracle and has the attitude to prove it! Unshakable joy in that man. You should get to know him if you haven’t. He’s contagious.

Pete Torres shared his testimony. Many people don’t know this families’ story, but Pete and his wife, Rachel, attend our church along with Pete’s daughter and her mother, Liana. What a picture of God’s redemption! They all took different paths to get here and God has allowed these three adults and their kids to live in harmony and make the best of the past. It’s such an amazing look at true forgiveness and love. Yes, we all have a story of mistakes in the past, but the real question is, “What are you going to do NOW that looks alot like Jesus?”

The other beautiful thing was being with my church family to celebrate Jesus! I love the people at North Creek and I can think of nothing better than drinking a cup of coffee, eating copious amounts of Christmas cookies, and basking in awe of a Savior…that’s the key word…Savior. He didn’t come to make us rich or even make us happy. He didn’t come to take away the difficulties or make us better than anyone else. He came to save us from our own sin. And for that, I rejoice this season in His miraculous birth!

If you’d like to watch our Christmas service, it’s online at under the Media Library link. Enjoy!

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