Primal by Mark Batterson

recently read Mark Batterson’s third book, Primal. I highly recommend two things: Make it your first read of the New Year and follow through on the keys it takes to get back to the lost soul of Christianity.

Mark has the ability to make you want to live out the adventure of following Jesus. Many times we focus on the difficulty of obedience rather than it’s benefit. Primal tells the story of multiple disciplines that reignite your faith and unlock your excitement for serving Christ. The result of discipline is a correct view of God…and He’s infinitely bigger than we often give him credit for!

My favorite quote in the book is, “None of us can imagine what God is capable of. Which means none of us can imagine what we’re capable of if we give God control of our lives.” (pg. 153) It is a statement that will resonate with so many, but will be given action to by so few.

That’s because somewhere in the last two thousand years, Chrisitianity has become anything but adventurous or dangerous. We have removed the risk from American Christianity and made it a Sunday morning event, rather than a lifestyle pursuit of a God that we will never completely comprehend.

I appreciated the imagery on page 156 when Mark was highlighting that even sound, when commanded by God, is more powerful than we perceive it. Sound for you and I is communication, but when “God speaks…the first sound waves don’t just travel through space, they create it.”

This is an inspiring read and one that you should consider picking up. But, I warn you, it’s not a feel good read. It’s one that requires you to face the reality of pursuit….the pursuit of who God really is and your response to that.


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