Before all of this excitement began with our new multisite situation, Mark and I scheduled our family vacation to begin tomorrow. On one hand, it feels very strange to disconnect for 7 days at this juncture, but on the other hand, I think it was a divine appointment.

Over the next two months we will undertake not only leading our current church plant, but also to turnaround and relaunch another church in time to provide 4 services and one deaf service for Easter on April 8, 2012. We are up for the challenge, we get clearer everyday on the plan and strategy, and we will not falter. That being said, I think the next week of resting, relaxing, playing with our kids, and breathing for a bit is a gift from God.

Our plan is to limit our facebook, emails, phone calls, etc. and just enjoy our family. I have pre-written blogs that will post automatically, but other than that, we are going off of the grid for the most part. When we get done playing, we’ll be ready to move mountains with you! Until then, rest up! We’ve got plans…

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  1. michelle said:

    have a great vacation and enjoy yourselves. We love you

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