Don’t Judge the Coffee by the Cup

A funny thing happened to me today…I was looking for some coffee-themed graphics and I ran across a blog written about our church. First of all, if someone half way across the country is talking about us, that’s a cool thing…especially when he lumps you in with LifeChurch, which is one my favorite churches! The not-so-cool thing is that they were slamming us for being irreverent to God as a church that is casual and filled with coffee.

It brings up a couple of thoughts…mostly the fact that people will criticize and judge a church in the name of proving how “holy” their way of doing things is…that, in my book, is the ultimate irreverence. Taking one paragraph from our website to prove your blog point isn’t an accurate picture. We LOVE Jesus and have laid down our lives for Him. And we don’t cut corners in challenging everyone in our church to do the same – and that’s what He’s asked of us. That’s reverance in my book. Come in jeans, drink your coffee, have a great time in God’s house…AND walk out the door different than you came in. LOVE God and your neighbor with wreckless abandon. I frankly don’t have time to worry about the dress code because I am too focused on SOULS!

So, my blogger friend, take your stained glass or our corregated metal…it’s no difference. In fact, a man, made of flesh just like me, determined that stained glass and hymns were “holy”. It’s not mandated in the Bible that a church looks the way yours does. It matters what your heart looks like. Jesus didn’t die on a cross for a music style. He died on a cross to set us free. That is the only message that will change the world. Don’t mistake our lack of reverance for your traditions as a lack of reverance for our God.

So, I’ll see you at the Coffee Church. Good news…Jesus attends here, too.

Here’s the article

  1. Ronni B said:

    After having read the posting by the other blogger, I just have to ask…aren’t there several places in the Gospels where Jesus rebukes the “religious” leaders and practitioners for missing the whole point of worship? The other author states that by worshipping in a casual manner, we are taking a minimalist stance and not striving to reach holier lifestyles. Perhaps he or she should attend a service with an open heart first.

    But I appreciated the way that you responded to this criticism! Thanks for all that you do Stacy.

  2. Michelle and Greg said:

    way to go Stacy. You are absolutely right. I know JESUS attends North Creek. I see it in the lives changed for the good of God.

  3. Michelle and Greg said:

    Got to tell you I just read the blog and i am sorry to say that the blogger puts to much on the face value of what is on the outside of a person or church building, then what is truly important to GOD. It reminds me of a catholic person, kind of judgemental. I was going to comment on their blog but Stacy already did. I love North Creek and we worship God whole heartedly and not casually. We allow teenagers to lead worhship at times. All of this foster a stronger love for God in my point of view.

  4. Rachael said:

    I responded to this blog-but when I hit post it deleted my comments and had an error…annoying. I agree with what you said!! I love our church! We are reverent and a passionate people who love God!

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