Don’t Slam Doors

Yesterday Delaney got mad, stormed upstairs, slammed her door, and acted much more like a teenager than a five year old. I watched as Mark silently got up, went to the garage, got a screw driver, walked upstairs, took her door off of the hinges, carried it downstairs and into the garage.

Yes. Yesterday he became a REAL father.

Delaney’s reaction was one of disbelief. It definitely got her attention and stopped her in her tracks. The rest of the night she kept asking, “Am I EVER going to get my door back?” When she went to bed last night she put her laundry basket and a chair in her doorway to simulate her missing door. It was pretty pathetic, but she got the point…don’t slam doors shut in daddy’s house.

Isn’t that just how God works with us? We “slam” doors shut in our own minds all of the time…”I’ll never plant a church.” “I’ll never forgive that person.” “I’ll never give that amount of money.” Aren’t we just as pathetic as Delaney was last night? Why don’t we understand that we serve an all-powerful God who has a big screw driver tucked away to remove the doors we are loud and obnoxious about shutting?

As North Creek goes through our current sermon series on obedience, I hope you keep this picture in mind. Don’t fight God. He wants us to be AMAZING! We are fighting against His best interests as if our own agendas can ever measure up to His perfect will.

In case you are wondering, Delaney will get her door back as soon as she understands to use it for it’s rightful purpose and not to prove a point. I have a feeling she’ll get that lesson quickly!

  1. kris said:

    LOVE that! Totally sounds like something I’d do…..yeah for parenting!!!!

    • Mike said:

      You both are great examples of godly parenting! Someday, I’ll get to follow your lead!

  2. Danny said:

    Wow such a powerful point made and in such a unique way. I follow your church online and I must say that you and Mark are such a blessing and have changed my life for the better by posting such things in your blog. Thank You for sharing……God Bless.

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