Something’s Brewing

On Sunday Mark presented a challenge to our church to read through the New Testament in 90 days. I knew he was planning this, but I wasn’t sure what the reaction of our church would be. After all, we have a large base of people who consider North Creek their “first church”. In other words, many of us haven’t been to another church before, let alone read most of the Bible in a matter of months. I knew there would be a core of people who took the challenge and ran with it, but I am really shocked at the massive amount of people who jumped onboard without hesitation. And many of them would have considered themselves Bible “virgins” before this week. (I think I just coined a new term!)

We’ve been flooded with comments, conversations, questions, and encouragement from dozens of people. Facebook constantly has someone posting a verse or comment, either on their own page or North Creek’s. My blog stats doubled this week. Our staff kept referring to our reading schedule in our planning meeting. Our inbox buzzes with thank you notes from people who are so glad to have direction for their lives…from the pages of God’s Word.

Gotta tell you…God is up to something. Not something exterior, but something deep within the hearts of our people. I can’t wait to see what we look like as a church on April 2. God’s Word never returns void. If we are all filling ourselves up with the Bible, He will give us an outlet to pour it all out. Brace yourselves. Some of you have a pretty exciting year ahead of you.

And thank you for trusting your pastors and taking the challenge. It’s humbling to know that you will follow us. It brings us to our knees in prayer as we seek the direction for our church. Our first prayer is that God will allow us to make your dreams and desires come true. Many blessings as you continue to read.

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  1. kris said:

    i just had a junior high girl tell me Ezekiel 3 just changed her life when she went home and read her Bible….God is FOR SURE up to something!!!

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