We’ve Got All of the Pieces

Several people asked us on Sunday what the next step for North Creek is in the year 2010. That’s a tricky one to answer. As Mark and I pray, discuss, dream, and decide, we are at the most interesting place that we’ve probably ever been in ministry. It seems like we have lots of pieces to a puzzle and we don’t have the box to know how it’s all supposed to go together. Everywhere we turn there are options and directions that could be successful.

I feel like our job now is to sit down, look at all of the pieces, and decide how it all works as one functioning unit. It’s an interesting phenomenon that you can be paralyzed by a lack of options, but also by too many options. Sometimes you need to just knock on a bunch of doors and see if any of them open rather than to just keep wondering which ones “might” open.

The one thing I know is this: God is in control and He knows just what to do. I’m excited to be along for the ride.

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