January 10

Sunday highlights!

I LOVE NORTH CREEK! What a cool place to attend church! We actually only attended one service at our own church yesterday and then we went and visited People’s Church. I highly recommend visiting other churches once in a while. It reminds you how it feels to be new and gives you a fresh perspective. Gotta say…it was tough leaving after the 9:00 am service! I wanted to stay SO bad, but it’s good for pastor’s to step back and look around every once in a while.

I had tons of people tell me that they read their Bible every day all week. Awesome. Just awesome.

I found out that we have another couple expecting in our church. Now we have one due in May, June and July…any one for August???? That’s what happens when you have a young church…

We had a board meeting yesterday afternoon. Mark and I presented our 2010 vision. Let me say this: I am so glad that we have balance between faith, caution, and wisdom at that table. We have a combo on our board, which brings balance. Mark and I bring to the table grandious ideas and our board helps us to keep it focused. We stretch them and they stretch us. I love and appreciate those people deeply in my life. They keep us accountable. If I was looking for a church I would ask alot of questions about how the leadership works together. I would look for what we have. We are a team working toward a common goal and we keep God and the health of this church as our main agenda. I don’t take this for granted!

We did our end of the year statistics…here’s my favorite – we baptized 20.3% of our congregation last year. COOL! That represents a lot of changed lives and many faces that I’m glad to see around North Creek all of the time. We also nearly doubled in size, which is also our goal to do again this year. We’ll stop when everyone knows the love of Jesus…

We’ve got some BIG dreams ahead of us and I look forward to seeing them become reality. Please pray as we decide which steps to take. If you happen to have a million dollars sitting around we could use that, too! 🙂

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