Further and Faster

Further and Faster.

Mark and I spend the majority of our time discussing how we can take the message of God further and faster than we are currently.

Those two words keep us up at night. They make our hearts beat and motivate us to get out of bed and keep going. They make us dream. They make us work. They drive every sermon that we ever write. They create a passion in us that is beyond the human realm and is directly connected to the heartbeat of God. They break the selfishness inside of us. They make us want to give more, do more, and have a bigger vision than we currently have.

Further and faster.

My goal in life is that those two words go far beyond our pastoral staff and deep into the heart of everyone who calls North Creek home. It’s never about us…it’s about the mission of God and how YOU fit into that mission.

My prayer lately is this, “Lord, make North Creek Church a big church.” Really big. Not because we need our name on a list somewhere, but because we believe that the alternative of a life with Christ is a life without Him…and that is the most tragic thing imaginable. “Lord, open up our doors and create a flood of people pouring in who want to know true love in their lives.”

This mental shift can be very uncomfortable…But, a comfortable life is only awesome if you have a temporary perspective. As soon as you have an eternal perspective of an enormous God, comfort takes a sideline. It shifts our perspective from “how safe can I play it” to “how much can I risk for Jesus”. It shifts from “I will be faithful to give 10% of my money” to “I wonder if I can live off of 10% and give the rest to God”. It shifts from “I hope my kids are happy in life” to “I hope my kids are living in the center of God’s wild will at all times”.

Further and faster.

Each of our lives is a part of this puzzle. Mark and I may have the vision, but you may have the money. We may have the preaching ability, but you are a star at Children’s Ministry. We may have the platform to motivate people, but you have the ability to run a sound board. We may have created a church, but you ARE the church.

My prayer is that you would begin to lose some sleep at night regarding what you have to leverage for the cause of Christ. Let’s change the world.

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