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I am passing along a blog post from Perry Noble, Senior Pastor of NewSpring Church in South Carolina. Mark and I really strive to keep focused on these Top Ten for our own team. It’s a good list for you if you’re a boss, a parent, or a leader in a ministry. Enjoy!

10 Choices A Leader Needs To Make About His Staff

#1 – Choose to believe the best about the people on your team rather than always assuming the worst about them.

#2 – Choose to trust them to make decisions that matter without having to run every minor detail by your for your approval.

#3 – Choose to believe that when they ask particular questions that they aren’t being disloyal but rather seeking clarification.

#4 – Choose to believe that they really do love the church and want to see it thrive.

#5 – Choose to lead through inspiration and revelation–NOT intimidation, humiliation, condemnation and manipulation.

#6 – Choose to listen to them before making a decision that will directly impact them.

#7 – Choose to value them as a human being and NOT just a person who can perform a task.

#8 – Choose to take a few extra minutes to coach them through the “why” of a particular decision so that they are equipped/empowered to make the decision on their own the next time.

#9 – Choose to allow them to present the solution to the problem they are telling you about. (A great leader will always have a solution to whatever problem they are bringing to your attention.)

#10 – Choose to point out all of the things they are doing well instead of just focusing on the areas they are messing up.

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