Dreaming and Scheming

A few months ago we began the journey of raising money to purchase some property on Hwy 99, renovate it, open up a Coffeeshop/KidCity Play area, and have a larger area for church, too. So, here’s the best part of stepping out in faith: allowing God to renew, refresh, and revive dreams that have been buried in our hearts for years.

I’ve loved what He has been doing in my own heart through this step of faith. About 10 years ago, a speaker at camp pulled me out of the audience and onto the stage while we were youth pastors. He looked me in the eye and prophecied over my life. (“Prophecied” means that he felt like God wanted to tell me something about the future and he was the voice to do that.) That man didn’t know me at all, but he said, “You are very creative and the ministry that God is giving you is extremely creative. Right now you are just doing busy work, but God has a creative ministry in your future that you can’t imagine yet.”

Knowing what you know about the Coffee Church, you might think that prophecy has come to pass. But I don’t. The picture in my head of what our church should be and will look like hasn’t even begun to take formation. I look at pictures and read about what other churches have created, and while I love them and think it’s so cool, it’s not the picture that I have floating around in my brain. I really do feel like for the last ten years, much of what I’ve done is helping with the busy work of laying the foundation for what God has in store for us.

Our drive to get to the next step is fueled by the picture in our heads of what God has put inside of us. It keeps me awake at night because of the excitement of the “finished” product. (I laugh at the word “finished” because God usually doesn’t finish things. He continues to mold, shape, create, and renovate continually.) I can’t wait for the day when I feel like I’ve stepped into the phase of that prophecy…when the DNA of that dream is birthed into reality!

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