July 24 Highlights

Happy Birthday to Rachael Yonko on Sunday and Matt Garner on Monday! I love our team and am SO glad to be surrounded by these amazing leaders and friends. We are spoiled!

Lee preached yesterday and did a fabulous job. He shared a little bit about his story of how he met Jesus at our church and is now on our leadership team. His story literally encompasses every dream we had for this church and there he sits at our staff table every Sunday afternoon! Ironically, it makes me feel so small in comparison to our great big God. I am humbled to just be a part of that story.

We had a nice couple who recently moved to Vancouver come and visit us. They used to attend our friend’s church startup in Cosmopolis. We started our churches at the same time, so it’s been a fun journey to go on together!

We are on the most interesting journey with our 19 Cents of Faith campaign. I know I haven’t written anything lately, but it’s because God has been sending us down a couple of paths that we didn’t forsee. I know that’s vague, but welcome to my life… Bottom line: Stepping out in faith is not a declaration of exactly what will happen, but rather the willingness to allow what God wants to happen. Wherever we end up, we would not have arrived there if we had not been obedient to lay it all out on the table. I LOVE IT!

Congrats to Eddie and Rebecca Coleman on the birth of Kylan last week! We celebrate with you and are so excited to have your little guy in our nursery! He’s going to have LOTS of friends!

A little nine year old girl at our friend’s church was in a terrible car accident last week. Ultimately they had to let her go because her injuries were too severe. Just one month ago, on her birthday, she asked for no gifts, but rather to help her raise $300 to help kids in other countries have fresh water. She missed that goal by $80. In the days since the accident, over $100,000 has been given in her honor. That money has not been given in large chunks, but rather thousands of small donations from people who believe in the faith of a child. You can follow her campaign HERE. Would you consider giving to her cause?

I hope you have a great week! Find a way to be generous with your life in the next seven days. You can’t take anything with you, but you can leave a legacy.

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