Out With the Old, In With the Even Older

Today we removed all of our shiny contemporary chairs from our church and filled it with freshly donated chairs that are well…not as sheek. I stacked our really cool chairs into a corner and thought, “This is so funny!” as I placed the “new” chairs in their places. Aesthetically I probably would have chosen something different, but there was a greater purpose at the forefront of my mind. Why did we do it? Easy…the new chairs fit better in the room and we can accomodate more people without scrunching them any tighter together. And there’s ALOT of them!

If I have to choose between shiny chairs and 20 people able to attend our church, that’s easy for me. I stacked those chairs with a passion and looked around in satisfaction at our newest solution to the best problem a church can have…we need more room.

I know the Great Chair Move of 2011 won’t solve our problems for long, but as for this Sunday, there is a place for you. And your friends. Invite someone! The chairs are sturdy, clean, and there are plenty of them!

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