Easter is my favorite day of the year! We had a great time at church today with 176 people (with no double counting!) at our first time having two services. We have an amazing team of volunteers and it went so smoothly, it was almost too uneventful! With two services, we anticipated parking issues and seating issues, but thankfully the two services were divided well and everyone got in and out perfectly…thank you to our parking team for being so well prepared!

When you begin a church there are so many “firsts” that it is difficult to deal with the emotions of it all. For the last two years we have seen growth, watched lives changes, moved into a new building, and been a part of dozens of miracles. Today’s first day of multiple services and our highest attendance ever was another part of the roller coaster of church planting.

Serving Christ is a journey that is just a lot of fun rolled up in a lot of faith. If you will really let God direct, mold, and shape you, He will create a world around you that is full of the unexpected and the awesome. I would never have asked to plant a church and yet, because God seems to know me better than I know myself, here I am wondering how I could ever have lived without this experience. Every second of work, heartache, and risk has been worth it. I love this journey…and even as I type those words, I hear the voice of God behind me saying, “And it’s only just begun…” Good.

  1. Robin Grainger said:

    WOW….What a great day for North Creek Church.

  2. Steve Raimo said:

    What an exciting day for our friends (relatives) at North Creek Church! Our prayer is for continued growth as you touch lives throughout Clark County.

  3. Ellen Fox said:

    I very much enjoyed the Easter service last Sunday, good thing I brought extra tissues! I had to pass them out to Cheryl & Leann! Music, the message! I will return! I am very happy Cheryl “found me” at the Farmers Market Saturday!!

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